Psoriasis and Phototherapy

Psoriasis   Psoriasis is characterized by patches of inflamed red skin. Psoriasis develops because the outer layers of skin cells reproduce too fast. Psoriasis causes pain and itching, limited motion, and stress. Recent studies show that psoriasis may be an immune disorder in which T-cells behave abnormally.

UV light treatment  UV psoriasis light treatment, also known as UV phototherapy, exposes the T-cells, causing them to die. In this way, the phototherapy light reduces inflammation, and slows the rate of skin cell production. During the clearing phase, UV phototherapy treatments are 3 to 5 times a week with increasing exposures. UV psoriasis light treatment helps clear or improve psoriasis in most people. UV psoriasis phototherapy treatment is generally well-tolorated in both adults and children.

Phototherapy Equipment  Our phototherapy equipment has been well-studied and has been proven to be highly effective for treatment of psoriasis. Psoriasis treatments at home or at your doctor's office is a decision between you and your doctor

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