How Phototherapy Works

Phototherapy Works... Safely

How Phototherapy Works  UV Phototherapy treatment works by exposing the skin to specific segments of UV light. Leading studies have shown UV phototherapy treatments to be short and effective over time.  Most often the wavelength used is Narrowband UVB (311 nm), but your doctor may prescribe other wavelengths. Treatment is typically three times for several weeks with phototherapy exposure time slowly and carefully increasing over those sessions.  Compared to topical treatments or ointments, UV phototherapy is effective treatment for psoriasis, vitiligo, and other skin disease, clearing in 24 to 36 sessions.

Safety  Home phototherapy has been studied for over 30 years, repeatedly finding that it is safe for long term use.  Recent research showed no increased risk of skin cancer.  Phototherapy has been safely prescribed for immune suppressed individuals and pregnant and nursing women.  Side effects are minimal when instructions regarding the use of UVB or NB-UVB are followed.

Economical  Many skin conditions are chronic, genetic diseases. Home phototherapy is often less costly than either medication or regular doctor's office visits.

Side Benefits of Ultraviolet Light (Phototherapy)   With UV phototherapy, people often report that they enjoy relief from the anxiety caused by living discomfort. They obtain peace of mind, knowing that less pain, fewer drugs, and less embarrassment means better mental health. And, since UV light is sunlight, the therapy itself often has a calming effect.

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